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  • What wedding packages do you have?
    We pride ourselves on the fact that we bespoke every wedding day to each individual couple so we don’t do specific packages we work with you and tailor make the day to exactly how you wish.
  • What’s the cost of your weddings?
    The cost will depend on your requirements for your special day. We walk you through all your options available and then you can decide what you really would like.
  • Is wedding planning included in the price?
    Yes, our wedidng planning is in-house and complimentary and also will be present on the whole day and evening of your wedding day.
  • Can we have the venue to ourselves for the day?
    Yes, we offer full exclusivity of the venue
  • Is the food made at the venue or do you have outside caterers?
    We have our own crew of award winning chefs who work at the venue all year round. We have an open kitchen and everything is homemade using the finest ingredients.
  • What time do we have to end the wedding, do you have a closing time ?
    We don’t have an official closing time
  • Can you organize transport to and from the venue for our guests?
    Yes, we work with a very reliable company. We can arrange pick ups and drop offs for friends and family.
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