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2023 Wedding Trends - the colour for bridesmaid dresses 👗

🤍 " 2023 Bridesmaid Dress Trends " 🤍

When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, the colour for 2023 is green.

And there’s a reason why: Green is super flattering on everyone.

Hello happy bridesmaids.

And there are so many tones to suit your overall look and feel.

Whether you like the idea of pastel and mint green bridesmaid dresses or deeper sage green bridesmaid dresses, there’s lots to choose from.

Green is a cool, calm color that looks very classy , classic and will go with any codinating colour.

I personally love the Sage green it also kind of give that little vintage vibe too.

It’s also trendy for the bridesmaids to not wear the same style which is perfect because let’s face it we don’t all have the same figures so it’s a great idea to get your girls to choose the style they most love and feel comfortable in but yet keeping in your wedding theme.

Jody Pearson

Wedding Planner

Oceana Weddings Spain

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