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Dance floor secrets

What’s the secret to get your guests on the dance floor 🕺🏻 💃🏼

The bride and Groom must set the scene and be the first to get the party started , create energy and naturally Your guests will gravitate towards you.

A packed wedding face floor is the sign of an amazing party.

So how do you keep them there ? Give the DJ, MUSICIAN a play list but also give them the freedom to read the room and choose songs accordingly, do you care about the playlist that represents you or about the whole experience for everyone? manage your expectations the size of your guest list will have an impact on the dance floor vibes so if your a smaller intimate wedding the dance floor won’t be packed all night, if you have 100 guests chances are the dance floor will be booming.

It’s always a good idea if the bride or groom or both hit the dance floor as the guests will naturally gravitate towards you.

If there’s a moment where you want to fill the floor Trick them by asking for a group shot then once the photos done choose a song to come on that will raise the vibe and the guests will stay there and continue to party.

Don’t go overboard with slow songs , choose a song that’s trending this usually works.

Last but not least choose your closing song of the night an abrupt ending is never a good idea, some choose something real high energy some choose a more softer close make it right for you.

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