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Wedding Cake Tips

🤍 Advice and Tips for your Oceana Wedding 🤍

Here's a few tips when choosing your Wedding Cake ......

🍰 Make sure you choose appropriate icing for the weather, if it’s going to be hot make sure you don’t chose one that will melt easily and make sure the venue has big enough refrigerator to keep it cool .

🍰Choose your cake size to suit your number of guests .

🍰choose flavors that you both love , it’s amazing how many couples forget to try their own wedding cake .

🍰wedding cakes aren’t cheap so set a budget and be realistic when choosing your design .

🍰it’s a good idea to combine the design and colors of the cake with the whole theme of the wedding , the flowers for example can match your bridal bouquet.

🍰 think about the time you will cut the cake and how you want to do this . Ie indoors , outdoors , by the dance floor etc

Got some wisdom to share with others. Feel free to share below.

Jody Pearson

Wedding Planner

Oceana Weddings Spain

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