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Planning you're wedding, where to start

Just got engaged!

Now we are in disarray

Where do we start?

All he wants is the mojito cart 😅

By the sea or in a church? We need to continue the search.

Who do we invite, the list just gave us an incredible fright 🥴

Shall we pay for all the drink oh my brain feels like it’s going to sink …..

Oh and my dress, what am I going to wear and then how am I going to have my hair 😱

So many things to do just before we say I do. All the stress and I still don’t know what dress ….

I think we need someone to help us plan and it definitely won’t be my man.

Don’t worry about the planning leave that to us, we are here for you every step of the way to take care of all the finer details with our complimentary wedding planning service, allowing you to just enjoy the excitement of the build up, so on the day allowing you both to have the time of your life as the husband and wife and all of the people who love you. ❤️

Feel free to contact us for our no obligation chat about all of the incredible options and services available at Oceana Weddings Spain.

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