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Top Tips for Bridesmaid's before and during the Wedding Day.

Sample Titles: How to be the most amazing Bridesmaid or Maid of Honour for your Bride on her Wedding day at Oceana Weddings Spain.

Bridesmaid or Maid of Honor?

Congratulations! You've just said 'YES' to being a bridesmaid/maid of honor.

What a huge honor, yet do you know what you have signed up to?

At Oceana Weddings Spain after 150 successful weddings we created this blog dedicated for all the bridesmaids and maid-of-honour to guide you on what’s expected! (We'll use the term Bridesmaid from here onward)

We have seen some amazing bridesmaids.

And we've also witnessed the opposite.

Take a moment to consider if you really do feel you know your role?

Before the Wedding Day

  • First things first HEN PARTY, create a hen party whatsapp group invite everyone and create a fun filled memorable day, evening or weekend for everyone. Get to know all the important people in your Brides life.

  • Frequently ask in the run up to the wedding if there’s anything you can do to help or take the stress away from the couple. Listen to her and be a shoulder for her to lean on.

  • Wedding dress shopping and bridesmaid dress shopping , make sure your available it’s a very special day for the bride.

  • Show up for the rehearsal meeting before the Wedding Day so you know everything that is going to happen.

On the Wedding Morning

  • Wake up early, play some upbeat music 🎶 creating a beautiful relaxed atmosphere whilst enjoying the excitement.

  • Make sure the bride and everyone has a good breakfast and glass of bubbles but not too many. 🥂

  • Keep a track of time and if need be keep in touch with the groom or best man to make sure his side of everything is running smoothly. 🕰

The Ceremony

  • Help her in and out of cars, or down stairs if she needs assistance. Arrange in advance who will take your bouquet, phone etc whilst you are assisting the Bride.

  • Fix her hair, dress and veil throughout the entire day, during the ceremony and especially during the photo sessions.

  • Help the photographer gather family and friends together for photos. (Aim to get to know 'who's who' on the Bride's side)

  • Carry an emergency kit and the Bride's lipstick - let her know if she needs touch-ups.

  • Assist her going to the bathroom.

  • Make a speech(see blog), do a reading or sing a song - we love it when bridesmaids take the microphone. 🎤

  • Encourage guests to sign the guestbook .

  • Help the bride into her second dress if she has one for dancing.

  • Be first on the dance floor and encourage others to keep it filled for the night!

  • Look after your own needs too. If you need time out, ask another bridesmaid to step in in your absence.


This is an amazing day for your Bride, and also a day for you as a Bridesmaid to enjoy and have lots of fun and laughter. The Bride may have her man, yet she will always need her girls.

Be excited about everything, be a team player and go above and beyond to help create the most amazing magical day for the bride and groom .

Got some more tips worth sharing? Feel free to add them below to help others.

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