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What makes a great Wedding Speech?

🤍 " Wedding Speeches " 🤍

Advice and Tips 🤍

🤍 You don't have to be traditional you can make it unique but personal full of love but always add a little humor. After listening to over 150 wedding speeches it's clear that firstly most people really don't look forward to them and actually don't really know what to say apart from " Thank you for coming, My wife and bridesmaids look amazing, let's get drunk " although I have seen a few that have gone on far too long and nearly had the wedding party asleep at the table.

So what Is the perfect wedding speech ? I'm going to give you a few tips ......

🤍 Choose your Focus /Structure is it going to be happy and heartfelt or just absolutley hilarious.

If its going to be hilarious and full of jokes remember whose listening keep it funny but make sure everyone can relate to it, humor in a wedding speech really does lift the whole vibe and will definitely keep the guests smiling throughout the day .

🤍 Dont forget to introduce yourself not everyone knows who you are and your relationship to the newlyweds.

🤍 Some of the best speeches are short and sweet, Eight to ten minutes is just about perfect. Attention spans are minuscule, especially after a few bubbles. So although everyone will be delighted to hear your words, they will thank you forever if you limit your content. And keep in mind that less is more when it comes to sappiness too – emotions are good, but going overboard can feel uncomfortable. Take into consideration how many other people will be speaking.

🤍 Speak loudly and clearly and make good eye contact and don't speak too fast. Breathe.

🤍 You don't have to be traditional. You could even read a poem, tell some jokes or even sing a little song. You'd definitely keep the guests entertained and leave your mark on their memorable day.

🤍 The Speech is about the Bride and Groom, not about you. Share something that you know about them.

🤍 The Toast should always be inclusive it should appeal to everyone and unite the wedding guests.

🤍 Don't forget your 'Thank Yous' remember to include all of the important ones who made the day possible and it's also a good time to mention absent friends and family.

Got some wisdom to share with others. Feel free to share below.

Jody Pearson

Wedding Planner

Oceana Weddings Spain

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